Episode 3

The Relationship Masterclass: The Secrets to Building Relationships with World Class People with Lewis Howes

Today on the Steve Weatherford Show, Steve sits down with one of his closest friends and a key player in bringing this podcast to life, Lewis Howes. The author, former pro AFL player, entrepreneur and host of the top ranked podcast, the School of Greatness and as of recently the host of the new talk show Inspiring Life on Facebook Watch.

Lewis and Steve chat in the War Machine about what specific skills have allowed Lewis to get to where he is today, current projects he’s working on behind the scenes and the blueprint for cultivating powerful and mutually beneficial relationships that can open doors to endless opportunities.

You’ll discover Lewis’ current wins, biggest struggles, and why your proximity to greatness is the key to finding bigger opportunities in life. Lets go.

“Reputation is all about creating results and how you show up.”

-Lewis Howes


  • 5:15 – Inspiring Life: Lewis’ new TV Series on Facebook
  • 12:14 – The one thing almost every entrepreneur and high achiever struggles with
  • 14:49 – Dealing with the pressure to succeed and the fear of regret
  • 18:51 – What Steve use to get frustrated about
  • 22:46 – The yes no list for your life and business
  • 23:28 – Prioritizing for what’s important in life and saying yes to the right opportunities
  • 31:25 – Why Lewis believes 60% of his success is due to cultivating meaningful relationships
  • 32:55 – Results, how you make people feel, reputation and how you show up. The four keys to building your brand and getting in front of influential people
  • 35:45 – Lewis’s approach to building powerful and meaningful relationships with world class people
  • 45:59 – 6 months, 12 months, and 5 year plan for Lewis Howes
  • 53:40 – Calibrating intention. What to do to fix your intentional problem.

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