Episode 15

Q&A Staying Motivated + Fitness, Supplements, and Recovery

On today’s episode, Steve’s Q & A session focuses on staying motivated in a multitude of different ways. He uncovers how to trick your mind into endless amounts of energy, what you’re wasting your money on, and how to speed up your recovery without spending anything. From carbs to home workouts, Steve covers everything you need to know. You’ll also learn about the 30 Day Metabolic Reset and see the enormous impact it’s had on two members of this program.

“I am selective with where I invest my energy.”

-Steve Weatherford


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  • 2:20 – How to stay motivated all the time
  • 3:50 – The supplement that no one thinks about
  • 6:11 – Steve’s recommendation for rest days
  • 7:56 – Training your core
  • 9:27 – The 30 Day Metabolic Reset, and why home workouts work just as well
  • 12:28 – The introduction to John and Faye
  • 15:50 – John & Faye’s learning experiences with the metabolic reset

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