Episode 6

My Formula To Win At Life: R.A.C.E.

R.A.C.E. Recognize. Assign. Create. Execute.

On today’s episode, Steve presents a speech that he gave to promote the importance of “intention”. Steve takes the opportunity to open up and offer stories and experiences from his life. You’ll discover how to impact the world by developing your driving intention. From childhood struggles to Super Bowl memories, learn from Steve’s growing understanding of the acronym R.A.C.E.

“The methodism for achievement is intention.”

-Steve Weatherford


  • 1:45 – The backstory of Steve’s speech
  • 4:35 – Starting the speech — Acknowledgments
  • 6:58 – How do you win in life? Recognize. Assign. Create. Execute.
  • 8:58 – The importance of intention in your life
  • 12:30 – Intention throughout Steve’s journey
  • 19:10 – Remembering Steve’s Super Bowl experience as a fulfillment of his goals and effort
  • 25:31 – Why Steve’s focus on his imperfections drove him to continue to replicate R.A.C.E.
  • 34:02 – Steve’s struggle with self-worth and changing intentions
  • 38:59 – How Steve’s past is used for the good of others and the good of himself
  • 43:48 – Give intention to yourself so that you unleash the power to impact the world
  • 45:58 – How to join the movement

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