Episode 2

Mash-Up Episode: The Biggest Turning Points of My Life Leaders Create Leaders Replay with Gerard Adams

Time for a #replayepisode, from the Leaders Create Leaders Show with Gerard Adams.

In this mash up episode of the podcast Steve shares the most pivotal life and death moments in his life, the one quote that he’s read almost every morning for the past 19 years and the one key characteristic he would pass on to his son.

You can catch th full video version of this episode here.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the dream.”

-Steve Prefontaine


  • 7:37 – The pivotal moment, making the decision and turning pro
  • 9:18 – Getting cut from the team in the locker room as a Carolina Panther
  • 12:16 – The life changing accident that changed Steve’s trajectory and life
  • 13:45 – The quote Steve has read almost every morning for the last 19 years
  • 14:54 – The number one thing Steve would pass down to his son

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