Episode 1

The Most Important Person in My Life and My Secret Weapon Laura Weatherford

Welcome to The Steve Weatherford Show! On this intro episode Steve is joined by the love of his life Laura. Together they discuss what to expect from the show, who you can look forward to hearing from and why Steve decided to start a podcast. Stay tuned until the end where Steve and Laura share some nuggets of wisdom on changing your perspective of life.

“There are 2 ways to look at life. It’s either ‘you have to’ or ‘you get to’. ”

-Laura Weatherford


  • 5:26 Why did Steve start a podcast?
  • 9:46 Why is The Steve Weatherford Show different than other podcasts
  • 12:24 Who is this podcast show for?
  • 18:30 Getting vulnerable with Steve Weatherford
  • 21:00 The true purpose behind the podcast
  • 22:21 Living in the “get to” vs living in the “have to”
  • 26:46 Focusing on gratitude

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The Steve Weatherford Show

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