Episode 16

Avoiding the Trap of Comparison on Social Media

Social media often causes too much comparison in people. Jay Ferruggia, a fitness coach and host of The Renegade Radio Podcast, interviews Steve about the problems of social media fitness. Comparison is something everyone fights. Steve highlights some of the ways he attempts to avoid comparison. Listen in to hear how to set realistic goals for yourself and properly train.

“I want to be able to train the way that I train now for the rest of my life.”

-Steve Weatherford


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  • 1:01 – Introducing Jay Ferruggia and the topic of Social Media Comparison
  • 3:38 – Fighting comparison in social media with reality
  • 7:41 – Knowing your abilities and pursuing your muscle goals
  • 10:24 – Doing too much vs. doing smart exercises with purpose


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