For Men And Women Who Have Tried It All and Are Ready To
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What If You Had A Group Coach Guiding You
Through Your Fitness, Nutrition, Supplements
and Lifestyle Every Step Of The Way?

If you’ve ever started a program, gotten hyped up and then a few months later —had little to show for it, this is for you.

During my ten year NFL career, I discovered what separates those who stay stuck and those who succeed isn’t know-how, information or even talent.

It’s the ability to be coached, and be part of a system of accountability.

This means the difference between staying stuck, and achieving the confidence that only comes with a body you’re proud of.

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  • Be surrounded by an intimate, yet powerful tribe of like minded people
  • Have a weekly group coaching LIVE call with your coach and community
  • Have access to custom advice based on your goals, your lifestyle and what works for you

...and best of all, the peace of mind and confidence in knowing you’re
on track with the way you look, feel and perform.

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You can be the first to join our brand new Weatherford FIT
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  • Eradicate ALL guesswork from your diet and fitness
  • Have a personal trainer in your pocket...all day!
  • Be supported in a live coaching call every week
  • Have access to the best minds in the fitness space
  • Have ALL of your custom questions and issues answered

...and best of all, have the peace of mind knowing you’re going to love what you see in the mirror every single day.

But you have to act, and you have to act fast.