Do You Have What It Takes To Make The
Weatherford Wall of Glory?

Not everyone does, but I have a feeling you’re different

First of all, I want to congratulate you...

by joining The Academy, it’s clear you’re serious about investing in your health and fitness,
and making your dream body a reality.

And I don’t tell everyone about this, but since you’ve already proven you’re an elite member
of Team Weatherford, I wanted to see if you’re willing to aim even higher, and do even
better than you will with The Academy.

What I’m about to share with you is an
Academy Supercharger - you’ll get:

Now I know you’re probably wondering what
The Weatherford Wall Of Glory is…

It’s an honor only available to the top 1% of Team Weatherford, those who complete 12 consecutive months of coaching with me, and my other top tier body transformation coaches.

With Weatherford Fit Coaching,
you can look forward to:

A weekly call with your coach to ensure you don’t just reach,
but crush your health and fitness goals

Access to our private MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group

Accountability from your coach and team members to keep you on track

Plus so much more, including…

A monthly coaching call with me
Exclusive blogs and resources from Weatherford Fit elite coaches

12 months of coaching to give you the body of your dreams
and the rockstar life you were born to live

But I have to admit, becoming an elite member of Team
Weatherford, and getting your name permanently engraved
on The Weatherford Wall Of Glory isn’t for everyone.

• If you’re looking to sell yourself short, and not reach your true potential…

• If you think you know more about making your dream body a reality than me and the other
Top Tier WF coaches (who’ve all done it ourselves and stay that way year round)…

• If you don’t want to obliterate your goals faster than anyone else on Team Weatherford…

• If you’re ready to settle for less muscle and more fat than you know you were meant to have…

It’s just not.

But if you want to be the best you can possibly be…

You’re ready to surround yourself with proven winners, and become part
of the Team Weatherford Elite…

Then give yourself the only chance you’ll have to get on The Weatherford Wall Of Glory.

Yes, I want to get on The Weatherford Wall Of Glory with group coaching
that’ll turbocharge my results!