Why Mindset Matters When Starting Your Health And Fitness Journey

Why some people seem to succeed and others don’t and what it all comes down to.

Have you ever started a health and fitness program only to quit 3 weeks in?


You were pumped at the idea of hitting your goals, did all of the necessary steps like prep your food, buy a scale and create a hot Spotify playlist, yet you seemed to get bored and quit sooner than you thought?


Everything that we do requires being reminded of why we started.


Whether you’re going back to college, starting a business, or even having kids, you have to constantly and relentlessly remind yourself of why you wanted to begin in the first place.


Training Your Brain


The tools for achieving 6 pack abs are out there. You can find information and the steps to anything you want by looking online, yet not everyone has abs.




Because it takes a certain mindset mixed with discipline to achieve it, and not everyone is willing to do it.


Now, I’m not saying everyone has to have abs or should want them. Everyone has different goals and abs won’t always be mine forever.


But even if you want to get healthier which is a HUGE deal, or lose 10-15 pounds just to feel more confident, you’re going to need these tools I’ll give you below.


Surrounding Yourself With People Who Want To See You WIN


I see this time, and time again. People get so pumped to change their lives and to get healthier, only to be dragged down by haters.


These naysayers will always stop you right in your tracks if you continue to surround yourself with them.


They are the people who are either jealous of your aspirations and wish they dreamed as big as you, or small minded people who should be avoided at all costs.


You are not responsible for how other people feel. And you definitely shouldn’t sacrifice your own goals just to make them feel better about themselves.


My advice?


Evaluate your circle. Take note of who’s actually been there for you and encourages you to dream bigger and keep them close.


The others you hang out with on the weekend and drink beers with yet, they always complain about where they’re at in life?




Aint nobody got time for them and if you continue to surround yourself with those types of people you’ll never hit your goals.

Assume You Will Want To Give Up At One Point And Have Reinforcement


Vision boards get a lot of heat for being too “woo woo” but man, do they work!


I have had a few in my life and nearly 80% of what I had on there came true.


And no, you don’t have to create a vision board to achieve your goals, but you do need to constantly remind yourself of them.


Waking up every day reading goals and what you want also does the trick, and reminding yourself of why you’re doing it.


Motivation and inspiration is not something we have, it’s what we create. So when you wake up every day and you watch an inspiring YouTube video, visualize your goal body, and also read your goals to yourself- it’s POWERFUL.


You start to embody what it is you want in the now, and simultaneously work towards it. Suddenly your mind starts saying YES to what you’re training it to think and to believe, and your workouts and nutrition suddenly become a part of your daily routine.


What motivates you? What motivated you to start to begin with?


Use those tools throughout your journey and don’t underestimate them. This is your golden ticket to having what you want and with repetition, it’s only a matter of time before you have it.

Join A Community Of People Who Have Your Same Goals


As I mentioned earlier, environment and who you surround yourself with will determine your outcome.


Having others who motivate you and hold you accountable can be the difference between regretting the money you spent on a program or not.


We all want to feel like we’re part of a tribe, a community that believes in us and can hold us accountable and help us uplevel if we’re playing small.


If while I was in the NFL and the mindset of the other men I was playing with was horrible, they would have been cut immediately.


This is because owners and coaches know how valuable it is to have a positive environment for growth, and without it everyone will suffer.


If you don’t feel like you have a community if driven and positive people in your life, check out our 30 Day Metabolic Reset which will give you the support and direction you’re looking for.


And if you’re looking to be held extra accountable, join our 1:1 Coaching Program will get you into shape even before the New Year so you can feel accomplished and ready for a thrivin’ 2019.


And don’t forget:

Your body will do what your mind tells it. Train your brain daily and remind yourself that we have just one life and we don’t want to waste it playing small.