Why Gut Health Is Important For Your Overall Health

Does the shape your gut is in really matter? Find out why this very important to your overall health and well-being.

Gut health has been a hot topic recently, and for good reason.

Your gut holds 70% of a neurotransmitter called Serotonin, which is also known as the happy chemical.

It’s also the chemical that controls appetite, emotions and regulates the sleep hormone melatonin.

You can see why there is also a correlation between poor gut health and depression, as a disruption of this chemical can affect all areas of your life.

Why Does Our Gut And Digestive Health Become  Imbalanced?

In the past 20 or so years, we have been adding many chemicals foreign to our gut flora and bacteria that it’s never seen before.

Chemicals like food coloring, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, fillers that are added to packaged foods, and also toxins from excess alcohol.

Over time, the gut can begin to become damaged and what is termed leaky gut can occur.

Leaky gut is just that: when food seeps through your intestinal wall and gets into the bloodstream. Over time, this affects our health in more ways than one and cause a whole host of different issues- one being autoimmune disorders.

The intestinal lining is also where our immune system can be found, warding off bacteria, infection, cancers, diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

If your gut is imbalanced, you may find that you get sick often and that no matter which types of immunity shots or pills you take, you always seem to catch whatever cold is going around.

An unhealthy digestive system can be one of the reasons hormones become imbalanced as the body isn’t able to eliminate through the proper detoxification pathways via stool removal.

So as you can see, it’s a BIG deal ladies and gent’s.

So What Can I Do To Begin To Heal My Digestion And Gut?

The first step is taking accountability to your known triggers.

Meaning, if you know that every time you eat beans, wheat, or sugary food and drinks that you have to rush the to bathroom or immediately get bloated- it’s gotta go.

These symptoms are not only bothersome, but are harming you long term.

This damage can take years to heal, which isn’t fun nor is it cheap.

Here are 3 ways to ensure you are nurturing your digestive system to you aren’t creating any unwanted imbalances or discomfort long term.

#1 Drink Warm Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

Not only will this help you to flush out toxins from the liver, but it helps to nourish your intestinal lining and creates a healthy pH in your body.

It also helps to loosen your stools so you are able to evacuate easily every day.

If you find that lemon juice just doesn’t taste amazing first thing in the morning, try just warm water and gradually build up to the lemon juice.

#2 Track Which Foods You Are Eating And How They Mentally And Physically Make You Feel After Eating Them.

Sure, you could get a food intolerance test and pay to test this, but this is a free and easy way to see which foods your body is in agreement with.

One person’s food is another person’s poison. Meaning: just because your friend thrives on rice and other grains, doesn’t mean you will. Track which foods make you feel worse after eating them, then eliminate them.

Food intolerances can actually go away after a long period of time avoiding them. Try not to look certain foods that bother you as never being able to eat them again, just not being able to eat them right now.

Plus, why would you want to live your life in constant discomfort?

That isn’t sexy….

#3 Add In Probiotics And Digestive Enzymes

Sometimes our bodies do not have enough healthy bacteria to digest our foods and to keep us healthy.

This creates unhealthy flora in our intestinal tracts which makes it impossible to digest and absorb properly.

Try adding in both Probiotics as well as Digestive Enzymes to ensure this isn’t the culprit. But also make sure you aren’t using this as a bandaid and as an excuse to keep eating the foods you know are harmful to your specific body.

If you’re struggling with your gut health, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It does take consistency and the right tools, but it’s possible to not have to live in discomfort or embarrassment.

If you’ve used these tips and you’re still struggling in this area, email us back to inquire about our One on One or Group coaching program with nutritionists and health coaches who specialize in functional medicine and gut health can help you to heal.

You are worthy of feeling amazing every single day. Don’t let something that is able to heal quickly hold you back.