Increase Your Energy In Less Than 3 Days

Learn the secrets of those who wake up with energy and sustain it all day long

Have you ever been around those people who just seem like they have an endless amount of energy, yet you can’t seem to keep your eyes open?

Those who you imagine jumping out of bed full of life yet you have to snooze your alarm 7 times before you actually get out of bed?

There’s a formula for this and these people aren’t special, they have just followed the formula below.

We Create Energy, It Isn’t Something You Have Or Don’t Have

I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to consistently wake up every morning on fire then a couple of things had to happen:

A: I had to get out of victim mode and realize that I am the only person who can decide how I feel every day and I had to do the necessary steps to get there.

B: I had to research how the athletes, the high performance people developed and sustained their energy and I wouldn’t stop until I did.

And guess what?

You don’t have to research the second one because I am going to provide you will all that I know and how to achieve it!

#1 You’re Going To Have To Say NO To A lot Of Things

We are only allotted a certain amount of energy each day and can only commit to a certain amount of things.

When you become a “Yes Man” you can pretty much say goodbye to your energy for the rest of the day.

Too often we put others needs before our own, which is a massive mistake in terms of our health and boundaries.

Women especially are constantly trying to save everyone else before they tend to their own needs.

By simply telling someone, “I’m really focusing on things of my own right now” You take your power back and conserve energy for needs of your own.

Now I’m not saying stop doing things for other people, but evaluate and audit if these things you’re doing are draining your energy or uplifting you.

Doing acts of service should uplift you and GIVE you energy, not drain it.

Tip: Write down the people in your life who are energy vampires. Remind yourself that you are the number one person in your life and by constantly tending to them, you leave nothing for yourself.

#2 Prioritize Sleep, Organization, And A Morning Routine

Have you ever woken up after staying up watching a full season of something on Netflix and feel incredibly drained?

This is because sleep is the number one way to generate and renew energy and if you don’t make sleep a priority, you will never know what it feels like to have that high vibin’ energy.

Most people don’t realize it, but they need a full 7-8 hours to feel fresh and to have sharp cognition. Make sure you’re shutting off the TV and allotting at least 7 hours of deep rest.

Another thing successful and high energy people do is they get organized and make sure they aren’t spending unneeded energy on rushing to find things to wear or stressing about their next meal or where they put their phone.

They realize that by organizing their home and workspace ahead of time, it saves stress and also energy so you don’t have to spike your cortisol and lose your patience by searching for things in messy environments.

Do you have a morning routine or do you rush out of the house and forget to eat breakfast?

Whether you chose to eat breakfast before you leave the house or not can make a huge impact on your energy levels.

When your blood sugar dips so does your energy, and you tend to make poor food choices when this happens searching for a quick carb or sugary food to eat.

Tip: Start your morning slowly and make sure to organize your day and also nourish your body with amazing food so you don’t utilize unnecessary energy throughout the day.

#3 Track When You’re Feeling Lower Energy And Address It

Maybe right now you’re noticing that you are doing all of the above things, so what gives?

Sometimes our energy can dip by the poor food choices we are making, adrenal gland dysfunction (from high stress and excess caffeine) and also from working out excessively.

The next time you’re feeling lower energy, write it down. Keep track of it in your phone and figure out what you were doing right before that may have drained it.

More often than not, there will be a correlation.

When I’ve ask my clients where their energy is being drained, most can pinpoint a certain situation of where it’s stemming from.

And once you know this, address it!

Don’t stay in victim mode, make sure you start doing the necessary things to gain your energy back and don’t compromise.

If right now you’re unaware of what to eat or if you’re exercising too excessively, make sure you check out our 30 Day Metabolic Reset Program where we give you the tools to not only lose fat but to also gain more energy.

Now is the time to make changes, not January 1st when everyone will be scrambling to make changes.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that’s not how I roll or how I want any of my friends to go through life. Make the necessary changes NOW and thank yourself later.