New WeatherfordFIT Programs To Get Excited About

The news is OUT: New Programs have been added to the Metabolic Reset Membership Site.

Ask and you shall receive!


Over the past year I have been asked over and over when we would be coming out with new programs for our membership site, and that time is NOW.


New programs have been added for specific goals like:

  • Building the perfect booty

  • Gaining sculptured abdominals

  • Metabolic Reset 2 (it’s intense)

  • In November: Metabolic Reset 3 release (even more challenging)


My goal is to keep it challenging and keep you hungry for improving different targets of your body every single month.


And before the new year ends, we will also be launching different nutrition programs inside the membership as well, so make sure to join before the price goes up on January 1st!


You can check out the new programs by clicking here to join the Metabolic Reset and let’s finish this year off with a bang and not be average like most people who wait for the ball to drop to change their life.


Have You Entered The Giveaway?

Have You Entered The Giveaway?

The Steve Weatherford Show is Officially LIVE

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To peel back the curtain and reveal a behind-the-scenes look at creating a high-performance life.


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Whether that’s discovering your purpose, launching a business, getting in the best shape of your life or anything in between….


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I couldn’t have done this without your support.


Thank you SO much for your love.

The Summer Challenge is BACK

How awesome were the winners of the last Summer Challenge?

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The 5 Exercises Designed To Turn You Into A Lean, Strong And Fit Machine This Summer

These are the handpicked, bang-for-your-buck movements you must incorporate into your routine to look and feel your best during beach and pool season.

Summer, baby.

For all my friends on the East Coast, I know you’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity.

Now that Weatherford Fit relocated to California, we’re blessed with consistent sunshine and some good ol’ Vitamin D as you can see right here:

With the start of Summer officially here, I know you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside.

Hanging out in the backyard, grilling, on the beach and pool with the kids…

That’s what Summer is all about!

However, if you’re not looking and feeling your best — with the confidence to match…

It’s simply not going to be fun and you’re going to be beating yourself up for not getting serious about your fitness and health earlier.

Since I know you’ve got limited time, I created a list of 5 exercises designed to turn you into a lean, strong and fit machine for this Summer.

These are the best of the best, and also with the most bang-for-your-buck in terms of time.

Implement these into your daily and weekly routine, and watch the fat melt away every single day — with the energy to match.

Let’s get started!

Why I Chose These Specific Exercises For Summer

One of the most shocking and fun parts of doing the recent 30 Day Metabolic Reset ‘At Home’ Edition with my wife Laura was getting uncomfortable leaving the gym.

I’d never spent this much time away from an actual gym — and what stunned me was not only did I get hours back every day and week…

My results were incredible and out of this world!

So, while some of these are definitely designed for the gym, I wanted to keep your busy schedule in mind so I created an alternate variation you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Because we’ve proved you can get in killer shape at home or at the gym if you’re committed.

The criteria for all of these movements was their ability to produce incredible results while spending the least amount of time doing them.

Now, let’s get into the top 5 exercises you can do this Summer to get you in incredible shape.

Exercise #1: Bodyweight Or Weighted Squat

Straight out of the gate, it’s all about the king of supercharging your metabolic rate, your hormone production — and one you can do anywhere:

The bodyweight squat, or the weighted squat with dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell.

Sure, you’ve heard this before — but for great reason. This full body movement is not only incredibly efficient, it’s as demanding as you want to make it.

For your Summer program, make sure you’re doing some type of squat variation at least twice a week, if not more.

If you’re not using weights, you can do these more often as your recovery will be faster.

Not only will you get lean, increase your leg strength and create a cascade of all the fat burning hormones, you’ll improve your balance, posture and functionality.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: For bodyweight, do a set of 25 squats with perfect technique and medium speed. Rest 60 seconds and perform 4 sets.

Exercise #2: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Next up, we’ve got one of my favorite movements in the game — the ultra wide grip lat pulldown.

Why a back exercise? Simple, if you want to make your body look fitter and leaner and your waist smaller…

Spend time growing your back!

For this movement, you’re going to use the Lat Pulldown machine at your gym and look for a wide grip attachment.

Make sure you do these with extreme control, and focus on keeping your posture through the entire movement.

Don’t have the equipment to do this one?

Any type of pull-up bar can be a replacement, either bodyweight or banded for controlled reps.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Do a warmup set, then settle into a weight you can do for 8-12 reps. Incorporate into your back day for 4 total sets.

Exercise #3: Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Summer screams shoulders and arms, and there’s no better way to create the defined rounded delt look than Dumbbell Lateral Raises.

This one’s one of my favorites with high rep, and high volume designed to create an upper body that truly turns heads at the beach.

You’re going to feel a burn when you do these — but make sure you drop the weight and ensure perfect form.

If you’re at home, grab two objects with the same or similar weight and use them instead of the Dumbbells.

(Milk cartons are pretty awesome for this, just make sure you put them back!)

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: We’re going for volume here. Do 4 sets of 15-20 reps with perfect technique, or 3 sets of 15-20 with a burner set of 30-40 with lighter weight to finish.

Exercise #4: Push-ups, Push-ups and Push-ups!

Simple, effective — yet brutal at the same time.

You know what I’m talking about: push-ups, with endless variations to hit your chest, back, shoulders and triceps.

One of the reasons why people underestimate push ups is their simplicity — and often, they’re using poor technique and not a full range of motion.

Not here, I’m going to ask you to slow it down — and do controlled push-ups with a 3 second negative.

What’s that mean? Simple, on the way down, you’re going to count 1…2…3 and then push-up once you’ve gone the lowest you can go.

If you can’t hit your chest to the ground, use an object to ensure you’re getting full range of motion.

Here’s a few of my favorite variations:

  • Normal stance 3-second negative push-up.
  • Wide stance push-up.
  • Narrow stance push-ups.
  • Dynamic push-ups (clapping push-ups.)

Remember, start simple and small — and you can do these anywhere you’d like.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Challenge yourself for volume…do 5 sets of max push-ups, staying a couple reps from complete failure. Rest 90 seconds and repeat. Track your results!

Exercise #5: Static Or Bodyweight Front Lunge

You can’t spell Summer without building the glutes, and that’s what we’re focusing on with our last exercise.

Build the back and front of your legs like they’re going out of style with the static or bodyweight front lunge.

These are total burners, and again — can be done nearly anywhere you’d wish.

If you’re using weight, make sure to pick something you can do a lot of reps with and focus on perfect form.

Here’s an example of a barbell version at your gym:

The key is to maintain your entire body tight and with perfect posture while you go down and up, squeezing your core.

Again, if you’re not at the gym — do these at home and double the reps.

You’ll be burning up in no time!

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Do pulsing sets of 6-12 per side, start with your weaker side. Rest 120 seconds and repeat for 4 total sets.

It’s Time To Get Shredded This Summer!

So, there we have it — some of my favorite movements to get you in the best shape of your life this Summer.

One of the questions I know I’ll get is the following:

Steve, how do I implement these into my routine?

Simple, you can do an alternate of upper body then lower body back and forth taking rest in between.

For example:

Exercise 1: Bodyweight Squat x 25

Rest 30 Seconds

Exercise 2: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown x 12

Rest 30 Seconds

Then, you’d go back to the squat until you’ve completed 4 rounds. You’d then pair lunges with push-ups, or DB lateral raises.

The key is to be creative, push yourself a little harder each time…and watch the results come.

Want A Done For You System?

One of the amazing parts of the Weatherford Fit Member’s Community is each member has access to an entire workout library of hundreds of exercises broken down by body part.

Not only that, with our recent addition of the Metabolic Reset ‘At Home’ Edition, we’ve eradicated the guesswork that comes with programming workouts.

Picking reps, sets, and making sure things stay fun and exciting can be an impossible task.

So we’ve done it for you.

Click here to learn more:

>>> Eradicate Guesswork With The 30 Day Metabolic Reset!

Many times, knowing what exercises to do is only the start. What happens next will dictate whether it becomes more information, or real results you can see in the mirror.

That’s why you need a plan tailored to your needs, your goals and your lifestyle.

If you’re ready, click below to learn how thousands of people all over the world are finally taking back control of their health and fitness:

Get Lean, Do Legs

With Spring officially here and Summer coming closer, there’s no doubt you’re thinking about what to do to get lean and shredded come beach season.
Many start ramping up cardio and intensity right now — which is no doubt helpful, when dosed the right way.
However, too much cardio and not enough weight training can spike cortisol, lower your metabolic rate and reduce key hormones associated with fat loss (1.)
That’s not good.
If you want the best bang for your buck and want to turn your body into a 24 hour a day fat burning machine — it’s time to lift some weights.
And we’re not simply talking about your upper body.
In this article, you’ll learn 5 reasons why getting lean, strong and healthy means doing more leg work.

REASON #1: Blast Your Metabolic Rate

Let’s start with simple math and science — the higher lean body mass (LBM) one has, the more energy it takes to keep them going.
This rate, known as resting metabolic rate means you’ll burn more calories in a 24 hour period than someone with less LBM (2).
In contrast with cardio work where you’re likely to lose muscle, and become more inefficient.
Instead — double down on your strength training with compound movements which we cover next.

REASON #2: Compound Movements And Hormones

Strength training has been proven to ramp up key muscle building and fat loss hormones — including growth hormone and testosterone (3).

Instead of simply isolating one part of your body — train as one unit doing the major compound lifts.

The secretion of all the fat burning hormones will be intensified, last longer and be way more effective than only doing isolation work.

REASON #3: The Afterburn Effect

We all know the benefits of the post workout window, but nothing compares to a leg crushing training session to maximize this window for next level results.

This includes the post-training afterburn, where your body’s metabolic rate is on overdrive long after you’ve left the gym.

In one study, the post-exercise metabolic rate (known as PEMR) was elevated by 11-12% using resistance training (4.)

REASON #4: Time & Bang For Your Buck

We know you’re already limited on time.

If you want to maximize the time available, ensure you’re getting the most out of every minute in the gym and focus on training your legs.

A 30 minute focused leg session is more than enough to reap the rewards we’ve already mentioned above.

REASON #5: Your Health Depends On It

Leg strength and mass is directly correlated with health, balance and functional strength (5.)

As we age, we naturally lose bone density which leads to a host of health issues and training your legs is a way to ensure your long term health.

It’s Time To Train Your Legs!

Look at your current routine, and ensure you’re not skipping leg day.

Not only will you miss out on getting lean, functionally strong and feeling great — your body will be out of balance.

Stay tuned on the blog for the best leg day exercises you can implement into your routine to maximize your results!


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German Volume Training

Are you ready to pack on muscle with lightning speed using one of the world’s most proven protocols?

That’s a rhetorical question or else you wouldn’t be here. Today we’re going to deep dive into German Volume Training — or GVT, to pack on mass on your frame. This approach is a simple, proven and effective training model.

(And did we mention, fun?)

Whether you’re new to the game and looking to develop muscle or are a more experienced lifter and want to shatter plateaus, GVT is the ticket to get you there….fast.

In this article, you’re going to discover what German Volume Training is all about, its undeniable benefits, and why it can be your secret weapon in the training room.

Let’s get rocking!

What Is It?

German Volume Training is like it sounds — a protocol developed by a German weightlifting coach in the 1970’s.

The protocol was so uncommonly effective, experienced lifters would jump an entire weight class in only 12 weeks. Yes, you read that right.

German Volume Training works by recruiting an enormous number of motor units with 10 sets of one single exercise. Popularized in the early 2000’s, it’s one of the most successful protocols being used by people worldwide to produce dramatic results.

How It Works

Simple: you’re going to choose one exercise and perform 10 sets of 10 reps with the same weight across all sets.

To start, you’re going to choose a weight that you could lift for 20 reps — usually 60% of your 1RM. If you’re bench press max is 275, you’d start with 135.

Easy, right? Wrong.

Because you’re only going to have 60-90 seconds to recover between sets, your muscle recovery and mental fortitude will be tested. Remember, a 10×10 using this protocol at 135 pounds is an accumulated training volume of 13,500 pounds.

(Yeah, that’s quite a load for one day — don’t say we didn’t warn you)

The high amount of accumulated time under tension leads to increases in strength and hormones to help you gain size and lose fat [1].

Let’s deep dive into the three major benefits of incorporating German Volume Training in your routine, and what to expect.

Benefit #1: Pack On Muscle Mass Quick

Let’s not kid ourselves: German Volume Training is an unbelievable way to pack on muscle to your frame no matter who you are.

This brutal protocol has been proven to add slabs of lean muscle due to the hyper-targeted intensity, compound movements and short recovery. The high rep range and volume increase both absolute strength and muscle size [2].

An increase in 5 pounds of muscle within three weeks not only isn’t rare, but quite common even for intermediate or advanced lifters. For beginners, you can expect to achieve massive results in and out of the training room floor every week.

Benefit #2: Torch Fat While Keeping Your Muscle

This program was specifically designed to increase lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat in the process. It’s truly the best of both worlds.
Combine the short rest period, high volume and multi-joint movements and you’ve got an increased production of lactate. Lactate is accumulated in the muscle when energy demand is high [3-4].
High levels of lactate lead to increases in growth hormone and testosterone output, resulting in a powerful one-two punch for fat loss during your training [5].

Benefit #3: Improve Muscle Conditioning and Endurance

Athletes may be wondering about their conditioning with German Volume Training need not worry.

Due to the high oxygen demands, and high volume in a compressed timeframe — muscular conditioning and endurance will increase, not decrease [6].

If you’re concerned about performance in regards to your conditioning, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefit #4: Training Is Simple…And Fast!

Spend less time in the gym and achieve more results? That’s the name of the game with German Volume Training.

Using this protocol, your training sessions are easily cut in half. The simplicity of the program allows you to focus on the work, and be in and out of the gym quickly.

Long training sessions have been known to increase the stress related hormone cortisol — having a catabolic (muscle reducing) effect and lowering the immune system [7].

No, thanks. You can easily be in an out of the training floor in 30-40 minutes with this effective protocol.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

So, what’s not to like about packing on muscle, improving body composition and performance?

A fair warning— while German Volume Training is incredibly effective, it’s not easy.

Even experienced lifters find the protocol grueling and can find themselves begging for a break after the first few sets.

This protocol must be used wisely with a well-designed program allowing for maximum recovery during your German Volume Training cycle to ensure maximum benefits in and out of the gym.

After all this talk, it’s time to go lift and start using GVT today to smash through plateaus!


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Fasted Cardio

Morning workouts are amazing. They are convenient and supply you with energy for the rest of the day. But let me ask you this: did you know that you can speed up your fat loss by doing your cardio fasted? It’s true and here’s why.

Fasted Cardio Aids Fat Loss

Exercising fasted is one of the best ways of maximizing fat loss. Fasted workouts boost fat oxidation, which means you use more fat for fuel 1-2.

This has to do with insulin. When you eat, insulin levels rise and remain elevated for hours 3. This helps store the nutrients you consumed.

That’s great, but it comes with a downside: elevated levels of insulin impair fat oxidation 4. In other words, you burn less body fat and dietary fat. Instead, you’ll use more glucose (carbs) for fuel.

And what happens when you’re in a fasted state? The reverse: your insulin levels are lowered and you burn more fat. One study found that men burned nearly 20% more fat when they ran on an empty stomach compared to a post-breakfast run 5!

Will Fasted Cardio Eat My Muscle Away?

A common argument against fasted cardio is muscle loss. Some believe that since you don’t consume protein beforehand, your body will break down muscle tissue and convert it into amino acids (protein).

Well, that can be true if you hit your workout long and hard and lack sufficient protein intake in general. However, you’ll be fine if you keep your cardio sessions below the 60-minute mark and consume enough protein in total, which would be at least 0.8 gram daily per pound of body weight. In this way, you will not burn away your hard-earned muscle tissues.

But what if you do intense cardio sessions longer than 60 minutes? In that case, consume 10 grams of BCAAs before your workout. It will not interfere with your fasted state, but it will prevent muscle loss.

How To Get Started

So, are you ready to take your cardio session to the next level and maximize fat loss? Great! If you’re new to fasted workouts (or fasting in general), the first sessions might be challenging. Food cravings and impaired performance are common, but don’t let that derail you – your body will adapt after a few sessions. You’ll feel less hungry, your performance will improve and, hopefully, you will start seeing changes in the mirror.


1. Derave, W., Mertens, A., Muls, E., Pardaens, K., & Hespel, P. (2007). Effects of post-absorptive and postprandial exercise on glucoregulation in metabolic syndrome. Obesity, 15(3), 704-11.

2. Van Proeyen, K., Szlufcik, K., Nielsen, H., Ramaekers, M., & Hespel, P. (2011). Beneficial metabolic adaptations due to endurance exercise training in the fasted state. Journal of Applied Physiology, 110(1), 236-45.

3. Surina, D. M., Langhans, W., Pauli, R., & Wenk, C. (1993). Meal composition affects postprandial fatty acid oxidation. American Journal of Physiology, 264(6;2), 1065-70.

4.. Choi, S. M., Tucker, D. F., Gross, D. N., Easton, R. M., DiPilato, L. M., Dean, A. S., . . . Birnbaum, M. J. (2010). Insulin regulates adipocyte lipolysis via an Akt-independent signaling pathway. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 30(21), 5009-20.

5. Gonzalez, J. T., Veasey, R. C., Rumbold, P. L., & Stevenson, E. J. (2013). Breakfast and exercise contingently affect postprandial metabolism and energy balance in physically active males. British Journal of Nutrition, 110(4), 721-32.