The Summer Challenge is BACK

How awesome were the winners of the last Summer Challenge?

It’s always tough to pick the winner as we had 100’s of people submit but the proof is in the pudding: those 3 earned and deserved it.

And I want you to be one of the next WINNERS of the $5,000 Summer Challenge which is now OFFICIALLY back!

We did this to kick off the Summer and we’ll be doing it again as it winds down and it’s time to get back in the game.

Like last time, you’ll have the opportunity to go through the 30 Day Metabolic Reset…

(Which was recently featured in Men’s Health, MSN and Fox)…

From the gym or the comfort of your own home with a proven, done for you system designed to eliminate all guesswork.

So, how do you get started and enrolled in the $5K Summer Challenge?

Step 1: Sign up for the 30 Day Metabolic Reset here:

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Step 2: Wait to receive instructions on the contest details to ensure you are registered.

Step 3: We kick off next week (Tuesday) with the entire Weatherford Fit family doing the reset together.

Step 4: Show your consistency, put in the work and achieve the RESULTS you’ve been dreaming of…

And we may be writing you a big check 🙂

Prizes include:

1st place-> $3,500

2nd place -> $1,000

3rd place -> $500

4th place -> Apple Ipad

5-10th place -> @weatherfordfit cyclone shaker (signed)

But don’t wait, we have LIMITED roster spots and we will close down soon:

==> YES! I Want In On The 30 Day Metabolic Reset


I can’t wait to see you inside and remember that saying YES to yourself and putting yourself 1st for the next couple of weeks will be the best investment you have ever made.

Boost Your Metabolism With These 5 Things

Have you ever wondered if boosting your metabolism was possible?
Science says it is.

Outdated research has told us that the health issues, genes, and certain conditions we are born with are permanent and something we have to just “live with”, but recent science is now telling us differently.

Something called Epigenetics, which is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

In english and in layman’s terms, this means you can change your genes and your body at any moment, regardless of family history or how you were born.

How amazing is that?

While your grandmother, mother, and friends may have told you that you’ll never be able to drop 20 pounds, get rid of acne, and that you are destined to develop diabetes because it’s in your family history, this is false. And this does not have to be your fate if you make changes NOW to create a future of your dreams.

Epigenetics is important to mention when it comes to metabolism because most men and women believe that they have a “slow metabolism”, or that they have a family history of health issues that will not allow them to get the body they desire.

You can have absolutely anything you want if you put your mind to it.


Sure, you may have to put in a little more effort than someone else, but isn’t it worth it?

Isn’t it worth it so you can create the life you have always wanted and wake up proud and energized every single day?


I know you are capable, and that’s why I do what I do on a daily basis, inspiring you to be the best version you can possibly be.

It’s why I created the 30 Day Metabolic Reset so you could get healthier, happier, and oh yeah……fit AF.

Now to the good stuff……..

How do I increase and boost my metabolism to burn fat and gain more muscle without cutting back more calories?

The first thing I want to make very clear, is you have to be eating super clean while working out or you won’t see any results from these tips.

Supplements and metabolic boosters are tools to have more of an edge and get peak results, not something you should use without eating properly.

So here we go!

#1 Spicy Foods and Spices

I don’t have a problem with this one as I am addicted to fire, but it’s proven that hot and spicy foods have an ability to increase the temperature of your body and burn more calories.

The best spices to incorporate are cayenne pepper, jalapenos and other peppers, Sriracha hot sauce and cinnamon, which also has an ability to regulate blood pressure and enhance caloric burn.

And if you can’t stomach spicy foods, you can always buy capsules at your local health food store which will give you the kick without burning your mouth.

#2 Green Tea, Coffee, and Caffeine

These also have thermogenic properties and the ability to burn fat and not just wake you up.

This is because thermogenics like these will heat your body to a higher body temperature, thus signaling the burn of more calories.

You’ll notice that in my Therm-FX we have added green tea as well as other vitamins and herbs that assist you in leaning out.

Make sure you don’t overdo the caffeine though, as more than 3 cups a day can increase cortisol which can in fact make you store fat.

And if you do choose to drink coffee as your choice of caffeine, always drink it black with either stevia or another natural sweetener as sugar and milk add up in calories.

Not a fa of coffee?

We just released our Lean-FX Amino Energy Pre-workout that will give you that extra metabolism boost as well as boost of energy during your workout.

#3 Heavy Weight Training

For the ladies out there who are scared of this, your body does not have enough testosterone to get huge so please don’t assume you will become Schwarzenegger if you pick up some dumbbells.

And for the men out there who have been doing mainly cardio or light weights, joining the Metabolic Reset may be just what you need.

As you put on more muscle mass, you boost your metabolism just by increasing the weights as long as you are eating enough food to build. And we also take care of that for you with a customized nutrition program that you receive once you join the program.


I get direct messages daily asking how to increase muscle while losing belly fat, and this is it.


When crunched for time, always opt for heavier weight training over cardio.

Take the guesswork out of what program is right for you and how much food you should be eating. Click here to join the 30 Day Metabolic Reset.

#4 Coconut Oil

I know, crazy right? Eat fat to burn fat? It sounds like a trick, but it isn’t.

Coconut oil or MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) have one of the greatest fat burning capabilities as these fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats, lead to beneficial effects on metabolism.

Using just 1 tbsp a day either stirred into your coffee or protein shake will greatly enhance your thermogenic (heat) fat burning capabilities. Make sure that you are replacing this fat with another fat, as you don’t want to be adding in additional calories.

Also make sure that you check the label and it states organic “unrefined” coconut oil.

#5 Higher Calorie Treat Meals

Notice I said the word treat and not cheat since cheating has a negative connotation to it, but this can be your magic weapon to fat loss.


Any time you are dieting, your leptin and ghrelin shuts down and needs to be revamped and recharged.


Adding in ONE cheat meal a week that includes a protein, higher carbs and minimal fat will greatly boost your metabolism.


But if you drive through every fast food restaurant and use this as an excuse, it’s defeating the purpose and will not work and you’ll end up defeating the whole purpose of this meal.

The next day make sure to return to your normal nutrition program and start to see the results week, after week.

Don’t give up on your journey because you feel like it wasn’t meant for you.


Every one of you deserves to feel confident in their skin and you get there with a great program and consistency.


You will be amazed at how quickly these tools will help to boost your metabolism and jump start your journey, but it can’t happen if you don’t start.


And if you’re feeling like you are lacking motivation, check back on Thursday for another blog on how to stay inspired through your journey and how I overcome challenges in my own life.

Click here to see the metabolism boosting products I mentioned above that I use every day that helps me to stay lean and full of energy.

How Stress Makes You Gain Weight

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been stressed out before and felt like you were losing control?

Most of the time when we’re stressed, we choke it up to be normal or something we all experience daily in our lives.

But what if I told you it wasn’t normal, OR healthy, and that by controlling your stress you would actually lose more fat?

Studies are now confirming the correlation between stress and anxiety with higher body fat and other health issues including cardiovascular issues (heart) cognitive issues like memory issues (brain) and hormonal issues that can lead to infertility, men depleting testosterone and other issues, as well as the metabolism slowing down.


I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to do everything I possibly can to keep my stress response low and also figure out where my sources of stress may be coming from.

Some of the common symptoms related to stress are:

• Issues sleeping
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Weight gain
• Muscle loss
• Acne
• Hormonal issues
• Digestive issues like IBS, Constipation, and leaky gut
• Memory loss
• Irritability and anger
• Heart palpitations
• Nutrient deficiencies

And here is how these happen……

Back in the paleolithic (caveman) days, we were chased by lions, tigers and bears and forced to run for our lives.

While seeking safety and shelter, we experienced what is called fight or flight.

Fight or flight is essentially the body increasing adrenaline to increase speed and awareness to outrun and outwit these dangerous animals.

At the time, this was the only tool we could rely on as we had to make decisions FAST.

Fast forward to today, we don’t have animal attacks or have to fight for our lives, but our body identifies even the smallest triggers as if we’re in danger and releases these same hormones.

You may be waiting in traffic and almost late for a meeting, but your body thinks there’s a lion in your back seat and you start sweating and have the same response as if there was.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between a legitimate attack or being scolded by your boss for being late.

Within your body, large amounts cortisol (which is your stress hormone) begins to be released, while insulin signals your body to store fat.

It’s as if your body is preparing to not be able to eat for days in case you will be hiding from the lion.

But in 2018 there is no lion, and your body STILL reacts the same.

Can you see how this can become problemsome when we experience these types of situations, multiple times a day?

One of the best ways to address these issues is to first admit you are stressed and have been getting worked up easily, and then take the following steps to get it under control and gain your life and your health back.

Not to mention drop those stubborn pounds that you’ve been trying to lose for the past 10 plus years.

So how do you stress less so you don’t experience a roller coaster of emotion while feeling like you are spinning out of control?

Below are the top 5 ways to limit stress and help you achieve your ideal body, quicker.

#1 Sleep a Minimum of 7 Hours a Night

Sleep is when your cells renew and your body create new ones.

During sleep is when your body recovers and your muscle builds and your brain gets a chance to rest and reset.

Sleep is also the time that your hormones are regulated, which is extremely important for the fat loss process and they are also responsible for being more hungry during the day once you wake up.

If you aren’t sleeping and are not prioritizing it, think again!

Not only will you start to lose your stamina over the years, but you will continue a vicious cycle of stress throughout the day and not be as motivated to do things like working out or eating healthily.

Start by trying to get to bed earlier and turning off all electronics so you aren’t overly stimulated at least an hour before your bedtime.

Instagram is fun to scroll through all night, until you wake up and realize you wasted 3 hours of sleep looking at other people’s lives.

Prioritize your sleep and see the change not only in your physical body, but how much more energy and clearer thinking you have the next day.

#2 Prep As Much As You Can And Always Be Prepared

One thing that will stress you out more than anything is not being prepared.

Not being prepared to leave the house in time to make it to work when you need to which means waking up earlier and leaving on time.

Forgetting to make a lunch so you have to make time to go out to eat which squashes your plans.

Making sure you are organized not only in life but with your food choices is crucial.

Things like meal prepping, having snacks available when you need them, and making sure you’re eating every 3-4 hours will keep your blood sugar stable and prevent any irrational behavior due to hunger.

Also making sure that you know which foods will help give you energy and not make you sluggish is key. And if you aren’t sure which types of foods will give you energy, check out the recipes and personalized nutrition program inside the 30 Day Metabolic Reset Program.

#3 Find a Support System

Life can get stressful.

You can’t discount those things that are completely out of your control that you wish you could have a handle on.

This is why it’s so important to have a support system and tribe of friends, mentors and coaches who you help you keep your sanity when you think you might be losing it.

One of the number one reasons both men and women cannot achieve their goals is from emotional blocks.

Not being able to express their emotions or feeling like they are weak if they ask for help.

Over the years of not only being in the NFL and starting a fitness business, I started to realize that everyone needs someone to talk to. To feel like they can confide in, to get advice and support from.

This is the reason I launched my personalized 1:1 coaching program and have a personal fitness and nutrition coach who will design a program specifically for your body, and also help you through the stressors in your life that may be preventing you from having everything that you want.

Everyone needs support in their life.

I have coaches, my coaches have coaches, and know that we are here for you if you know you need that additional support.

Life is not meant to be hard.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and isn’t supposed to feel like you don’t have control 90% of the time.

Live life on YOUR terms and choose to go through life IN control and not feeling like you’re being controlled.

Live, Laugh, and Love a little more and say yes to yourself and to wake up excited for life every single day.

Make sure to click below if you finally want to get your life back with our new life changing one on one personalized coaching program. Do something for yourself today that you will thank yourself for in the future.

3 Signs You Have a Nutrient Deficiency

Feeling “ok” but like something is missing in your nutrition?
This is for you.

In a world of instant gratification, it’s hard to trust a nutrition program and be sure you’re getting enough nutrients, not just macronutrients.

And what are macronutrients?

Macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. They are the building blocks of your cells and give you energy and give your body life.

While these are extremely important, it’s also important to understand that your body also needs micronutrients.

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that help to support your immune system, metabolism and overall well-being.

They help to replenish your body from intense workouts and the depletion of minerals through sweating.

They are also vital to hormone health, helping you grow muscles and lose fat, and many other functions which we will get into later.

Where do micronutrients come from?

Micronutrients come from different types of foods including vegetables, high quality meats, grains, some fruits (mainly berries) and also fortified foods.

Fortified foods are the pre-packaged foods you want to avoid like cereals, cookies, crackers, and sugar loaded electrolyte drinks that you want to stay far far away from.

And we’ve all seen the TV commercials that ensure you that Frosted Flakes give you your daily dose of iron and I hope you know better than to eat it;)

The problem in this day and age, is that it’s VERY hard to get the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins and minerals if you are not eating packaged foods. The solution is a quality nutrition program mixed with additional supplementation which we will also cover a little later.

So let’s get right to it, what are different signs and symptoms you have a nutrient deficiency?


Raise your hand if you feel like you’re doing everything possible in the gym, following your nutrition plan to the T, yet still can’t seem to make some #gains?

This is because you are not getting the right amount of nutrients in the food that you’re eating which isn’t allowing you to show off your hard earned work.

One of the most underestimated mineral when it comes to recovery and fat loss, is magnesium.

Magnesium controls many functions inside your body along with relaxation and regulation of hormones, and you can’t get much of it from food.

Magnesium is also responsible for helping to control the stress response (cortisol) which also affects fat loss and muscle tone when you are deficient.

You can get magnesium by eating more avocado, spinach, almonds, and also pumpkin seeds which are the best options with the most amount of this mineral.

Another way to implement this mineral is by taking a supplement at bedtime on an empty stomach and watch your hard work start to pay off and your stress start to melt away.

#2 Hormonal Imbalance Including Loss of Sex Drive

This one applies to both men and women, though I will be focusing on the men.

I get messages daily asking how to increase testosterone without the juice and my number one recommendation is to make sure you’re getting in your micronutrients and not eating crappy foods.

The foods you eat will either add to your well being, or take it away and you have to make sure you’re getting the right macronutrients as well as micronutrients.

Inside the 30 Day Metabolic Reset program you’re told how many calories you need to eat to reach your goals, and most men without a dialed in plan are not hitting the amount they need per day.

Not only does this slow your metabolism down, but your hormones especially your testosterone will take a hit.

The best way to make sure you’re not harming your mojo?

Eat the right amount of calories for your body, and don’t over train either.

If you want a customized plan that tells you how many proteins carbs, and fats as well as a training plan that won’t overwork your hormones, check out our Metabolic Reset Program.


You’re not just getting older, you’re missing vital nutrients that aren’t giving your brain the power it needs.

Constantly feeling tired both when you wake up and the middle of the day is not normal. Our bodies were designed to be alert when waking and also throughout the day.

One of the best ways to tell if you are missing something in your diet is to ask yourself how you’re feeling on a daily basis.

Not being able to remember things, feeling sluggish and overall “off” and not being energized to do the things you once loved means it’s time for an evaluation.

First make sure that you are getting enough sleep throughout the night, and if you’re still feeling sluggish, evaluate your nutrition and what you’re eating.


Here’s the thing I love about the body: once you start giving it what it needs it starts working with you and not against you.

If you’re realizing that you may not have been loving up on your body and nourishing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs, know that it’s a quick turn around to see your desired results once you’ve implemented them.

My number one suggestion for addressing this is dialing in your nutrition and making sure you’re on a quality plan like the customized one that’s created when you join the Metabolic Reset.

Next, begin taking a high quality multivitamin that has high quality vitamins and minerals, but please understand that if you’re choosing to take a supplement but deciding to not change your diet: they won’t help.

I know, I know…..not what you wanted to hear but you will waste your money if you don’t also put in the work.

It isn’t hard work, but it’s work.

If you’re ready to join the program that has changed thousands of lives, click below and take back control of your health and fitness.