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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, chances are you’ve likely
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See, here on Team Weatherford, we support all of our teammates, and leave
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At this point you’re probably wondering,
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5 chapters giving you everything you need to turbocharge your fat loss in the fastest
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Exactly what and how to eat for maximal fat burning…
      • Including a 28 meal max fat burning menu, taking all the guesswork out of it for you,
just eat this and watch your fat melt off

2 easy, fun and safe ways to naturally control your cravings without nasty appetite suppressants
      • Hint: one of these includes actually eating some tasty treats like chocolate & peanut butter)...

How to increase your athletic performance in sports and training so you never “hit a wall” again
     • Whether you’re a marathoner, a crossfitter, a tennis or lacrosse player, a 3x a week gym-goer, or anything in between, you’ll have more energy and better performance as long as you do this

The key to turning on your body’s hidden energy stores that:
     • Generate 90% of the energy you need
     • Allow your body to prevent and fight major diseases like cancer

3 ways to optimize the single most important part of your health
    • Fat loss is impossible without this

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