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Discover How Thousands Over The World Are Ditching
Frustration And Finally Burning Stubborn Body Fat,
While Adding Lean Muscle.

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if you are:

  • Tired of following the same conventional advice yet not seeing lasting results
  • Exhausted after years of crash dieting that leave you feeling and looking worse
  • Frustrated with the reminder you’re further away from your health goals
  • Started to convince yourself you may never achieve the lean body you’ve dreamed of

......then stay on this page and keep reading because you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the truth that most people won’t tell you:

Conventional Fitness and Nutrition Advice Is Leaving People
Like You Depleted, Exhausted and Metabolically Wrecked.

Yes, you read that right — and it’s doing more harm than good. This means well intentioned people just like you
starving themselves, starting and stopping new programs and feeling like it’s never going to work out for them.

Over the last decade of training with the world’s best through my NFL career,
I’ve identified The 4 Crucial Myths that run rampant in this industry.

These 4 Myths are destined to leave you stuck, frustrated and giving up.

MYTH #1: Crash Diets Lead To Long Term Weight Loss Success

TRUTH: The typical crash, ‘shred’ and restricted diet
promoted by fitness trainers, bodybuilders and countless others doesn’t work. Not only are the long term results
unsustainable, they wreak havoc on your ability to be an efficient metabolic machine, and produce the right balance of fat burning hormones.

MYTH #2: Stacking Intensity On A Broken Foundation

TRUTH: Without a strong, healthy foundation — no plan will work long term. In fact, you can eat all the ‘clean’ food you want, but if you’re not digesting it properly, it won’t matter. Your foundation is often one most gloss over, but will determine your results and long term health: digestion, gut health, and re-regulating your hormones for efficiency and results.

MYTH #3: Training Too Hard, Too Long Or In The Wrong ‘Zone.’

TRUTH: You don’t need to slave yourself and spend hours at the gym — for most people, this does more harm than good as muscle building, fat burning hormones peak with shorter sessions. In fact, — a 10-15 minute HIIT session is much better than an hour of boring cardio.

MYTH #4: Generic, One Size Fits All Workouts.

TRUTH: Many programs or the recent group fitness craze are ‘one size fits all’ — and don’t account for your unique lifestyle,and variables such as as volume, frequency, training experience, loading and many others that should all be tailored to you.

Introducing The Academy

A Revolutionary, Done-For-You Tailored Approach To
Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life...Without Guesswork!

Hey, I’m Steve — Father, Husband, Superbowl Champion.
If you’re on this page, you may have heard of me through an interview, social media or the several media and podcasts I’ve been on.But if you haven’t, I want to tell you about who I am and why I’ve created The Academy……and most importantly — why it matters to you.

During all my years competing and training with some of the world’s most elite athletes, I became obsessed with unlocking the keys to a strong, lean, functional and healthy body. You name it, I’ve done it all. And during this process, I started to notice some uncomfortable truths associated with conventional fitness, diet and training advice in the real world, especially as I transitioned out of a ten year professional football career. I realized the average person was being given advice that was not only wrong, but could be dangerous to their health long term.

As someone who was an NFL player for 10 years, I’m not here to make a quick buck like 99% of ‘online fitness trainers’ out there. In fact, I’m pretty well taken care of due to my long career as a professional athlete. And I don’t say that to brag, but to point out I am passionate as hell about helping people like you upgrade their health, fitness, nutrition, confidence, mindset and more…For the rest of their lives!

No quick fixes here, I’m in here for the long haul.

In fact, I’ve seen what they’re doing to people like you:

  • Promoting low-calorie, ‘shred’ or crash diets that leave you starved
  • Believe you have to sacrifice your entire life to get in great shape
  • Train way too hard, for too long, wrecking people’s hormones
  • Treating the symptom but not the root issues
    ...and a ton of other bad advice that simply doesn’t last.

What ends up happening is you may experience an initial result — and then you plateau just as fast.

So what do most people tell you to do?

  • Cut more calories, train harder, starve yourself more….
  • Making matters worse.
  • With no results, and no energy, you simply give up until the next program with big promises comes around and the cycle repeats itself.

Sound familiar?

After years of watching people go through this and being asked for advice after being named “NFL’s Fittest Man” by Muscle and Fitness…
I knew there had to be a better way out there, and I was the one to make it happen.

During the last few years, I’ve launched bestselling programs that include the
30 Day Metabolic Reset, #ARMageddon 1.0 and 2.0, Aesthetic Athlete and more.
Each of these programs was first tested on my, my inner circle and then thousands of Men
and Women all over the world.
And while my members would be able to experience these life changing programs
one by one, that’s when I thought to myself…

What If I Put Everything My Best Programs Under
One Roof — With Everything You Need To Bulletproof
Your Results...In And Out Of The Gym?

YEAH, you read that team and I put the best of what we have to offer under one roof.
But don’t take my word for it, look around the walls of the Academy and see so for yourself:

Conventional Fitness and Nutrition Advice Is Leaving People
Like You Depleted, Exhausted and Metabolically Wrecked.

My mission with this program is simple:

I want it to be the last plan you ever use — so you never have to garner all the self trust to start once
again…Waking up tired, frustrated and wondering why the heck it’s so hard for you to get in shape.
This is why we’ve put everything in here, in one simple place…

The Academy Is Designed To Put You In
The Driver’s Seat….Once And For All!

The Academy is not your average, bare-bones membership program.

Here’s what’s included once you step in:

30 Day Metabolic Reset
My flagship program has transformed thousands of men and women’s health from the ground up. Designed to clean up the three markers that hold you back from consistent fat loss, energy and vitality including gut health, metabolism and hormones. The 30 Day Metabolic Reset is your foundation for ultimate success.

#ARMAgeddon 1.0
The world’s bestselling arm program...ever. #ARMAgeddon was born out of my own inability to crack the code to create arms that make a statement — and did we ever. You’ll never be the same, prepare to turn heads everywhere you go.

#ARMAgeddon 2.0
The response to the original #ARMAgeddon was so massive, I had to create another one. We took everything to the next level using Blood Flow Restriction Training. Prepare to go from super-human!

#ARMAgeddon 3.0 [Coming Soon]
Not once, not twice...but the 3rd version of #ARMAgeddon is in the works and will be coming soon. For those who experienced the life changing results of the first two..this latest evolution will blow the lid open on your results!

Aesthetic Athlete
Look like an athlete? Done. Train like an athlete? Done. Perform like an athlete? Done. The Aesthetic Athlete brings the best of both worlds in a 12 week program designed to make you a force to be reckoned with while looking the part every single day.

Step By Step Daily Guidance
Start your program, and you’ll have daily guidance on your timeline as you check off workouts and nutrition programs. Why does this work? You feel accomplished every day, instead of!

Custom Workout Library
I created a custom workout library with over 120+ done-for-you simply pick the body part, and you have a step by step explanation of the exercise and video. You’ll never run out of ways to shock your body.

Done-For-You Interactive Recipes
Most “healthy” eating includes dry chicken and cold white, thanks. Inside the Academy, you’ll find done-for-you, interactive recipes with exact directions and macros that fuel your results...and are delicious.

Tailored Supplementation
This is not your local vitamin stores prescription...with filler ingredients and someone pushing you to buy their in house product to make commission. We create tailored supplement programs with pharmaceutical ingredients to supplement the hard work you’re putting in.

Never Before Heard Podcasts
Some days you won’t be fired up, but the Academy has your back. Our library of over 3 years worth of podcasts from nutrition, health, training, mindset, and motivation will set you over the top whenever you need a jolt.

Exclusive 1-1 Access To Me
Inside the Academy, you’ll have 1-1 access to me and a supportive community no one else has... on demand. We created an exclusive Facebook Community as well as the forums inside The Academy where a question is one click away.

...and so much more

No Guesswork, No Smoke And Mirrors...Simply Results!

Due to a crazy interest in this program, we only offer open enrollment at specific times.
Since my team and I want to ensure everyone is taken care of — these spots are highly limited.

If you’re here, you know you deserve better — and it’s time for you to take
care of your health, fitness, aesthetics and performance once and for all.

$2,339 In Value For Less Than One Personal
Training Session….For The Next 48 Hours!

  • The typical personal training session can run up to $125 here in Southern California. This gets expensive fast...even if you only worked out twice a week, that’s $480-$1,000 per month.
  • By the way — that doesn’t include nutritional guidance which runs another few hundred dollars per month.
  • You could also join the latest ‘group fitness’ craze and also spend $150 or $200 per month with a one size fits all program…
  • But many of the clients in these programs are completely stuck, frustrated or injured and looking for something else.
  • You’re also relying on the advice of someone who may or may not know what they’re talking about instead of what we do here at the Academy:
  • We put you in the driver’s seat with results you can feel and see in the mirror every single day for less than the cost of one personal training session per month.

The Academy Is Officially In Session
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